I haven’t written lately. Just not much to say. Until yesterday, nothing has been happening, but I have to tell you about going to the mall. Ugh. The mall. I do not like the mall. Everything is overpriced. There is far too much food temptation and I want to take all of the puppies home. I’m sure you are wondering what might have happened. Here it is.

Our daughter’s girlfriend gave her a gift card to Victoria’s Secret. Wa la. Bow chick a bow wow. It was also their semi-annual sale, which we did not know. Talk about hordes if people. Yikes! We were elbow deep in baskets of panties and bralettes and she turned to me and said, “I am with my mom, in Victoria’s Secret, and she’s helping me pick out underwear for my girlfriend to see. Talk about support.” Be still my heart. 

I really wanted her to repeat that – to shout it right there in the middle of that crowded noisy room. That’s right! I am supportive. At least, I try so, so hard to be. Sometimes, it falls flat. Sometimes, it comes off as meddling (I hate that one) and once in awhile, it’s perceived as nosy – like a stab to the heart. Thwack.

I want nothing more than to be supportive for our children. All four of them. Unfortunately, we raised them to be completely independent, so I don’t get the opportunity very often to swoop in and “mommy” any of them, but I love it when I get to. I cannot lie.

I have completely lucked out in the child department and they have each picked wonderful partners. We have been incredibly blessed as parents (and, hopefully, as in-laws some day). I hope I get more opportunities to swoop in and be the kind of mom I aspire to be – even if it means traipsing through a busy mall or with my hands digging around in baskets of panties looking for the perfect black lace.